Water Color Candies Giveaway!

 Want to win this amazing giveaway worth over $500?!?



How to enter:
Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok 

1) Like the giveaway post

2) Follow water color candies profile

3) Tag 5 people to receive 1 entry.  Any additional tags after the initial 5 entries will count as an additional entry.  You may tag as many people as you want.  Tagging a person twice on the same post (social media platform) will not count. 

You may enter on each platform as mentioned above to be entered. 

4) Repost this giveaway post with #Watercolorcandies


The Giveaway Prize! 

1) 16 pc Mica Water Color Set  -  Colors include: Burgundy Rose, Strawberry Kiss, Mulberry, Lotus, Pumpkin, Yellow Umbrella, Champagne, Mint, Good Vibes, Prince, Blue Suede, Heart of the Ocean, Deep Sea, Grapevine, Unicorn and Midnight. 

2) 4 pc Holographic Set - Colors include Holo #1, Holo #2, Sweetness, and Onyx

3) 8 pc Set Colors include: Vintage Lavender, Golden Lilac, White Gold, Pot of Gold, Black Gold, Gold Leaf, Mossy Glow, and Copper.

4) 8 pc Mixed set - Magic Trick - Granulated, Fruit Punk - Matte, Cadmium Yellow Light - Matte, Neon Blue - Matte, Thermo Pink, Toxic - Granulated, Fairy Tale - Mica Granulated, and Alizarin Crimson - Matte

5) 8 pc color shift set - Peacock, Oil slick, Halloween Moon, Nebula, C-10, Embers, C-12, and Wicked


Disclaimer: Contest begins May 1, 2022. Draw will be randomly picked on Nov 30, 2022. This giveaway is only available to people in the United States and Canada. (Quebec, Canada is not included within this draw). 
We have the right to change the contest rules and guidelines at anytime without given notice. 
The winner will be contacted through the social media platform they had entered through. 
If the winner does not respond within 72 hours they forfeit their prizes.
If the giveaway is sent to the wrong address or the customer does not receive the items. They forfeit the prize.
We do not pay for any customs charges that may occur during delivery.
We cannot guarantee your item will arrive to you before Christmas as it is the busy time of year. It will be shipped out as soon as we get the information from the contest winner.
We will not exchange prizes for other product or in the store or items with similar value. 


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