28 Mini Pan Set

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All Watercolor paint is hand made with pigment, gum Arabic, glycerin, distilled water and preservatives.

In this set you will receive:

1 metal Tin

In this set you will receive
Pixie Dust 7,11,12,
Color Shift - C-5,12,13,14,15,16, Sunset, and kaleidoscope
Mica Pan - Cyan, Princess, Lotus, Blue Berry, Lime Time, Bubbly, Mint Chip, Galaxy, Pumpkin, Ruby Slipper, Mossy Glow, Enchanted, and Lilac
Glitter - Rainbow Disco
Gradient - Magic Trick, Fairy Tale
Matte - Fruit Punch

Mini Pan .5ml

If you receive the watercolor paints and they seem soft. This can be normal depending on the shipping conditions.
Put the watercolor pan in the freezer and it should be good. It can also be normal for watercolors to crack over time.

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